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Cameroon gets the first online professional service broker “Kinaad”

kinaad cameroon

Happy to announce the made in Cameroon professional service brokerage market place. Kinaad is a platform that connects service providers in Cameroon with service seekers all over the world in a very simple and friendly way. 

The platform has been created under high necessity of having a locally made freelance platform that will not only mirror foriegn sites like Fivre, upwork, guru, etc. but add a Cameroonian touch to its solutions and marketing strategy. 

Kinaad is therefore not just a freelance or business listing app but a broker in the professional service industry online and offline. 

For now we are releasing the web version of the app while testing the already built mobile version to be released soon. 

For over a year we have been collecting data and building networks with reliable professional service providers all over Cameroon. 

Kinaad is therefore acting as an auto-pilot system for requests I and my team can no longer handle manually. 

The vision is to make Kinaad a well known professional service brokerage firm in Cameroon that will be able to give an answer to the least question anyone in the world will be asking online about Cameroon in the domain of professional services whether big or small.

lawyer in cameroon

The press release in an intriguing life story.

How kinaad came about. What does it mean and is it different?

Hello enlightened citizens I am Georges Munang  a sociopolical blogger, digital business consultant and a corporate communicator. I am about to share with you a project we have just released that will be of great interest to you and our community. This project is called Kinaad.

The brand meaning of Kinaad stands for Search and Administer. The name has three syllables. Ki – na – ad. And two words; kina-ad The first word “Kina” means “search” in the  native language of Bum (in Boyo division, North west region of Cameroon). The second word “ad” is the short form of Administration or Advertisement any one you chose for it. 

This means that we search and administer, or advertise your solutions based on your requests.

As a young graduate from the University of Buea, I started professional blogging in 2017 with my debut site My main goals back then was not to make money but to produce  authoritative comparative analysis in politics, education and culture. I also wanted to test my potential.  

My site AfricanInfoLook grew and gained credibility in Cameroon with over 40,000 monthly visits. It got several mentions in lecture halls in the university because students could use it as a resource for sociopolitical analysis in Cameroon. 

In 2018 I became the youngest socio political analyst to be invited on Pan African TV and Afrique Media for political debates. This was pace setting as many admitted.

At this time I was not making money from blogging because I never knew how to do so.  People appreciated my articles and social media updates. That was enough to make me concentrate on building my voice in the blogosphere in my niche.

By August 2018 AfricanInfoLook due to much traffic and technical weakness got attacked by hackers from Russia. Facebook and Twitter blacklisted the domain and I lost the site completely. 

In September 2018 I met a silent content creator and web developer Kum Eric. He told me he was a professional blogger and was making 6 figures yearly through Google AdSense, online training, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads. I was astonished! 

professional services in cameroon

Eric was shocked I wasn’t making money from blogging as he has been my keen follower ever since I started blogging.  So he decided to tell me the secret of making money online through blogging. 

Knowing that I had gained some popularity as a young sociopolitical blogger in Cameroon, he told me to rebrand. 

As a software developer he created my new blog and trained me on SEO marketing. This rebranding process cost just 150,000frs and changed my blogging career.

Eric then told me “you shall continue creating good content for free to your followers and you shall then offer them a service to buy. They are going to buy your services because they trust you and they know your worth.”

This was interesting because I knew how difficult it was making money through mainstream AdSense when your audience is here in Cameroon. 

Now, coming up with an offer as a service on my blog was the major issue.  I then remembered how I hustled in university; helping people to write their CVs, personal statements, projects, business plans, NGO documentation. Behold, a business name in Cameroon was born – Munang consulting

At this time I had gained more TV presence on Afrique Media, Canal2, Equinox and granted many radio interviews on Sweet FM, Radio Balafon, Royal Fm, etc. My credibility increased. I connected with top politicians, CEOs, directors of companies, NGOs and startup founders home and abroad, journalists, lawyers, and many professionals in my network. 

Many would inbox me to appreciate and encourage my works and at times financial encouragements. 

After spending over USD 300 taking online trainings in long content creation that delight, paid Ads, digital business and corporate communications I suddenly developed a business strategy with Munang consulting. 

Munang consulting gave me my first-one-time pay as a professional blogger – 300,000frs – for helping a business man in Denmark who read my article “best cities in Cameroon” and contacted me to get him a good lawyer that could follow up the creation of his company in Cameroon.

This transaction helped me start signing mutual agreements with service providers. As a blogger and digital business consultant  I assisted them in online marketing and public relations. I brought them clients and they paid me 20% commission per customer. 

This is my blogging life story that inspired the founding of Kinaad.

Through Munang consulting I became very involved in offline transactions. It took 70% of my time. I could hardly find time to update my socio-political followers online. This was a major set-back.

However, at this same period (early 2019) media censorship had increased. I received orders not to say anything political on my platforms.

Munang consulting gave me an unforgettable experience. I worked in the field (out of social media) with individuals, startups,  and companies where they shared with me their worries and we discussed solutions together. 

clearing agent in cameroon

I would propose solutions some will work and others will not. Some managers will tell me “Mr. Munang, what you are proposing is great from an expert point of view but you see Cameroon, that method will not work here. We have tried yet there is no result”. 

This was one my best moments getting ground zero business testimonies and real time challenges. 

So, I will go back to the drawing board updating my skills and looking for better marketing and communication strategies that work in Cameroon and behold I met one the best digital marketing story-tellers in Cameroon – Emile Weyi. We started working together silently assisting  startups go digital through content marketing, copywriting, story-telling and lead generation.

Through Munang Consulting and Netkipedia of Kum Eric we have been solving problems for clients especially startups.

We’ve branded pace setters. We built dozens of modern responsive websites. We helped companies literally “own” keywords on Google through white hat SEO. We sold their vision with stories. We converted their site traffic into potential customers. We elaborated marketing and sales methodologies.

kinaad services

Out of marketing and communication, we have helped many students travel to study abroad.

We’ve connected travel agencies, clearing agents, law chambers, security agencies, IT companies, production houses just to name a few with customers from abroad.

People have trusted in our work and process because there was nothing a client will want and we won’t look for and get a perfect solution to it. 

This unique experience working for and satisfying customers’ needs has given me the zeal to take Munang consulting to a next level. And this is where the idea of creating a seamless online application that will unite professional service providers and service seekers came into play. 

Though there are many freelance sites out there, our strength remains that we are deeply connected and trusted by a loyal audience with a catalogue of professional service providers online and offline ready to solve your problems anytime at a reasonable cost in the domains of:

  • Administration
  • Communications and marketing
  • Law and business
  • Documentation
  • Freight and forwarding 
  • Tourism and leisure
  • Travel and study
  • Web development
  • Mobile development
  • Graphic designing
  • Movie and music business
  • Event management 
  • Custom and tradition and many other services. 
grow your business online

Kinaad is therefore acting as an auto-pilot system for requests I and my team can no longer handle manually. 

My vision is to make Kinaad a well known professional service brokerage firm in Cameroon that will be able to give an answer to the least question anyone in the world will be asking online about Cameroon in the domain of professional services whether big or small. 

That is why we have set up a very strong and talented team of content writers to offer a unique type of blogging experience in Cameroon by specializing in corporate affairs. We’ll be promoting corporate diplomacy – a concept well practiced in the West, Asia and some parts of Africa like Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa. 

This is a summary of my blogging life story to help you understand why kinaad is here to stay and needs your support. 

Together let’s help businesses, entrepreneurs and organizations put their stories and solutions online so as to boost our professional service industry and dominate the internet in Africa in all domains. Let us not limit ourselves pushing entertainment, politics and sports online. Communication is the engine of digital transformation.

You can participate in pushing this concept of corporate diplomacy by talking about Kinaad to your family, colleagues at work, your social media networks. Share our articles. 

This is how I decided to send out the press release about the launching of this application – Kinaad.

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