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Mission statement 

Kinaad blog has the mission to create content for the corporate world in Africa that will lead public opinion, invoke public debates, educate, and promote the activities of entrepreneurs, startups, companies, and organizations. 

Editorial core values

  • Factual
  • Impartial
  • Reliable
  • Enlighten  

Main objectives

  1. Public interest: create content that satisfies the interest of our audience, holding businesses, and organizations to account. 
  2. Promote: promote the works of corporate executives, young and established entrepreneurs through engaging stories, opinions and analyses
  3. Provide data: investigate and present data to entrepreneurs and decision makers through content creation that can enable them to make sound production, innovative, and investment decisions in Cameroon and Africa. 
  4. Educate consumers:  educate the masses on the opportunities created by entrepreneurs and governments in the professional market.

Market persona

Our content strategy targets five main audiences:

  • Corporate executives: CEOs, directors, managers, coordinators
  • Government agencies: Trade and commerce, taxation, economy, social affairs, Science and innovation, health, employment, agriculture, urban development, Youth affairs, and education.
  • Aspiring, young, and established entrepreneurs.
  • Employees
  • University students. 

Editorial voice

For blog articles: Our general writing voice is authoritative, opinion leading and analysis arointed. 

For social media: All posts on Kinaad social media channels are done in a short, conversational and engaging voice. 

Our content review process

For Kinaad bloggers 

All articles are written and submitted to the editor-in chief two days before publishing date. 

All Kinaad bloggers are advised to consult the writers white board every Friday of the week to choose their topics of interest.

All Kinaad bloggers are advised to consult the content marketing strategy from time to time before creating any content

For guest bloggers

Any amazing blogger who wishes his/her article be featured on Kinaad is welcomed. You should, however, note the following before sending an article to us:

  1. Your blogpost should be appealing to our target audience
  2. Your blogpost should be adding value to the life of our target audience
  3. Your article should contain a minimum of 800 words; it can be more but not less. 
  4. Your article should not contain more than two hyperlinks.
  5. The links in your guest post should not direct our readers to any of these sites: Gaming, porn, drugs, political activism. Violation of this rule will lead to the rejection of your post.
  6. Refer to this editorial guideline before submitting your guest post to us.

How do you submit your guest post?

If you are good with our editorial guide then submit your article here one week to your expected date of publication. You will attach your completed draft to the form as a Word doc or Google doc format (preferred). 

General content creation 

  1. Your article should have relevant points and practical takeaway messages for our audience
  2. Your article should have a very enticing title with a great keyword. 
  3. Your article should contain a minimum of 800 words and more
  4. Give credit. Check your facts and quotations. Cite the original sources (not the source that quoted the original source.)
  5. Create an engaging introduction specific to your article.
  6. Make it concrete. Give examples, statistics, metrics relevant to your context of analysis, or reporting.
  7. Avoid self-promotion in your article. We have provided a good place for that..

Author Bylines

We have provided an author byline section at the end of every post. This is where writers are  allowed to do self-promotion on our blog. This must be short and straight to the point an elevator pitch of at most 40 words. You can add a link to your two (maximum) social media accounts. 


Any post on Kinaad should have at least two photos. Photos should be selected to tell the story in the article. Writers must save their photos in their computer using the perfect keyword before uploading to the site dashboard. All images must have an alt text. All images must be duly credited depending on where the writer gets the photo from. All kinaad bloggers are advised to use free stock images from Every image posted should have at least 800 x 400 size and not more than 1500 x 600 size.

Tips to note before choosing a blog post image on Kinaad:  

  1. Think of our audience first.
  2. Choose an emotion: What emotion will resonate with them when they see the image?
  3. Find an image that portrays that emotion: Use some of the great resources out there!
  4. Evaluate its quality: Does it follow the rule of thirds? Does it have a focal point? Does it