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Top 10 Hotels In Buea, Cameroon

The beautiful city of Buea in the South West region of Cameroon is visited by a host of people on a daily basis either for tourism, business, vacations or other events. If you are one of these people, you may want to quickly check up on where to get great hotel services and where exactly you can get them in the city.

In Buea, most hotels in an effort to meet up with professionalism standards and industry competitiveness now offer State of the Art facilities; meeting and conference services and facilities, fitness, and business centers, in combination with great customer service and a wide assortment of local and exotic cuisine. Kinaad brings you information about some of these hotels. Here are the top 10 best hotels in Buea, the City of Legendary Hospitality.

10. Miss Bright Hotel

A small but modern 1 star hotel located at Miss Bright Street at Bomaka, some 200 meters from the popular mile 17 park. The street is actually named after the hotel.

Miss Bright offers the following services to its guests: affordable and comfortable rooms, Restaurant and Bar with Cameroonian, African and European cuisine, a Conference hall, a Gymnasium (free of charge to their clients) and a Free open air Garden. They also offer internal catering services and your security is guaranteed. You don’t have to worry about constant blackouts as they have a standby generator.

Their rooms are also very affordable as you can afford a room with just 7000 FCFA and if you want more luxury, they got you covered with even better rooms. Here are their prices and amenities:

7000FCFA: Flat screen TV, ceiling Fan, room size: 16m2

8000FCFA: Flat screen TV, ceiling Fan, room size: 16m2, washing basin.

10000CFA: Flat screen TV, ceiling Fan, room size: 20m2, washing basin.

20000FCFA: Flat screen TV, double ceiling Fan, room size: 30m2, washing basin, cushion chairs with a private room space, water heater

25000FCFA: Flat screen TV, Double ceiling Fan, room size: 30m2, washing basin, cushion chairs with a private room space and executive beds and water heater.

9. D-tchuks Palace Hotel

Its strategic location at Molyko, the heart of the city, makes it one of the most easily assessable locations for guests coming into Buea.

It features over 47 luxurious rooms, 6 VIP rooms and 2 presidential suits. Their rooms and suites are air-conditioned and equipped with digital satellite TV channels. Their prices are also very affordable, ranging from 10.000FCFA-25.000FCFA per night and over 200.000FCFA for presidential suits.

Other services include: 24 hours room service, 24 hours security, Car park, Business center, Cabaret services, Guest Laundry services, Meeting/Banquet facilities, Restaurant, Tour services that give you the opportunity to visit touristic sites in and around Buea as well as a Multipurpose hall for your different events. Their car rental service is accompanied by trained chauffeurs and security personnel and is always at your service to provide you with rides all over the country.

And that is not all, D-tchuks has a bar at its top floor. That is definitely a perfect spot for your relaxation and you can also get a perfect view of the Molyko from there.

8. King David Square Hotel

With several years of experience in hospitality service delivery, King David Square Hotel has grown to become one of the gurus in the service delivery here in Buea. Located at Upper Muea, King David features 43 comfortable rooms, 4 suits, 7 executive rooms and 2 apartments. Thes rooms are well ventilated and equipped with TV cable and WiFi.

King David also provides you with a bar/restaurant with delicious African and European dishes, a sophisticated cabaret with popular Cameroonian artistes on weekends accompanied by very tasty barbecue at affordable prices and a multipurpose 1000 capacity leisure center perfect for weddings, conferences, seminars and other events. You must be familiar with the saying that “Health is Wealth.” To this end, King David has a well equipped gymnasium with several keep fit machines to keep you fit and healthy. Indeed, at King David, you are treated like a real King.

7. Hotel Residence Carlos

The renowned Residence Carlos Hotel is located at Mount Camel Street, Lower Muea, Buea, a 10 minutes’ drive from the mile 17 motor park. This stylish Hotel has earned a reputation for being one of the most supportive hotels to the Cameroon entertainment Industry as it hosts local and international celebrities for various artistic and cultural events like movie production, movie premiers, concerts, seminars and others.

 Their Presidential and executive suites would make you want to visit every time you are in the city. They also host wedding ceremonies, providing the bridal wears and catering services and of course, their staff is well trained and will ensure that you get just the best from their services.

Other services include a high capacity conference hall, bus services, good cuisine, constant water supply and WiFi.

6. Capitol Residence Hotel

Another popular and frequented Hotel patronized by both Buea denizens, Cameroonians and Expatriates, is the Capitol Residence Hotel. This very clean and attractive Hotel is located at Survey school Street, Clerks Quarters, Buea.

The hotel has the following amenities: High standard and affordable rooms, Air condition Bar/Resto modern, Banquet hall, Fitness Center, Wireless internet, Standard generator, Conference hall, Water reservoir, Car park, internal security and a Variety of Barbecues (fish, pork, chicken goat, and beef). They also offer a variety of Cameroonian dishes including Achu and yellow/black soup, Fufu and eru, Kwakoko bible/fish and kanda stew, Bar fish and tomatoes stew, Mbongo tchobi (cocoyam,plantain, yam), Egusi pudding Ogwono soup/smoked (fish and meat), Egusi in Okra (gari, Corn fufu), Ndole (meat, stock fish, smoked fish, shrimps), Fufu corn and ndjama ndjama etc at very affordable prices.

5.Eta Palace Hotel

It is one of the most popular hotels, not only in the city of Buea but in the entire South West region due to its achievements in the hospitality industry. It is located at Happicam street, Molyko, Buea, an approximately 3 minutes’ drive from the Mile 17 park.

Their categories of rooms are equipped with sophisticated air condition, hot and cold water, free wifi internet services, fridges and flat screen TV to satisfy all classes of guests. Their classes of rooms range from: Classic rooms, Premium rooms, Executive room to Presidential suits. They have an extra extensive car park and their surrounding is secured with well-trained guards and external surveillance cameras to ensure customers safety.

4. Chariot Hotel

The 4 star hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in Buea and the South West at large.It is located at mile 18, Buea, just approximately 100 meters from the mile 17 park.

Top 10 Hotels In Buea, Cameroon

Their fully air-conditioned rooms with high speed WiFi makes it a popular choice for a lot of travelers and tourists. Chariot Hotel is also popular for its exquisite twin Olympic swimming pool which attracts several youths for parties, picnics, special events and relaxation especially on weekends. The hotel in general has been tastefully decorated and its beautiful sceneries are difficult to resist.

Their five categories of rooms range from the Presidential, Deluxe, Prestige, executive and the Mini-Executive Suits and are equipped with queen size beds, air condition, electronic door locks, cable channels, telephones, hot and cold bath, and Wifi internet connection.. All suits are very comfortable to satisfy different classes of guests.

They also have a vibrant restaurant which serves a wide array of local and continental cuisines to the delight of guests.

Their specially designed “SPYCE NIGHT CLUB”, one of the best in Cameroon, offers you rich relaxation with all types of music brand. Aside from the swimming pool, there is also a specially designed park for kids. Their classical and traditional bar is set up to spice up your evening relaxation with drinks, roasted fish, chicken, pork and beef, just into the night club to dance all night. They is also have an ultra-modern gym and Banquet hall for all your events.

3. Parliamentarian Flats Hotel

A clean and beautiful 4 star luxury at the foot of Mt. Cameroon is a strong selling point for this Hotel. It is situated at Federal Quarters Opposite Mountain Hotel in Buea, an approximately 15 minutes’ drive from the mile 17 park.

Top 10 Hotels In Buea, Cameroon

Lodging ranges from executive, deluxe to twin rooms. The hotel boasts of inexhaustible bar variety to add to your relaxation and chats with love ones and friends over a drink of one’s choice, variety of Exotic African, European and Asian menus, Sea Fruits from the Atlantic Ocean for your taste and a Banquet hall for your events and ceremonies such as marriages, birthday and other events that host a large number of people. They also boast of an efficient bus service to pick you up at your arrival point or entry gateway and a rich array of equipment giving you the flexibility and efficiency you need for your fitness program.

There is a beautiful world-class tennis court and and an ultra-modern gym for your fitness.

2. Mountain Hotel

Top 10 Hotels In Buea, Cameroon

From the moment you step into its premises, the feeling of being in a 5-Star Hotel will never be lost on you. Mountain Hotel has over the years built an enviable reputation for itself in terms of pricing and the facilities.

Mountain hotel boasts of 4 Single, 15 Deluxe, 15 Executive, 2 VIP and 1 Junior Suite with Mountain and sea view, balconies, hot and cold water, shower, Jacuzzi, flat screen tv, Intercom, internet and a mini bar

It also has a conference room with 300 seats, Translation and interpretation boo, WiFi, overhead projector, secretariat, coffee room and restrooms. There is an outdoor swimming pool with a bar and barbecue area which is perfect for hanging out and small social events.

Internet hotspots on hotel grounds accompanied by a cyber-cafe to keep you connected to business, research and pleasure at all times. Their modern restaurant Opens 7am – 11pm, offers African and international dishes with a Capacity of 300 seats and can be used as a Banquet Hall. The hotel also hosts government officials, national and international conferences, movies premieres and film festivals.

1. Hotel St. Claire (5 Star Comfort for less)

Top 10 Hotels In Buea,

Its eye-catching architecture would make you want to get an inside view of this 5-Star Hotel.It is Located in the heart of Molyko, approximately 200meters from the Molyko Omnisport Stadium

Their air Conditioned rooms are tastefully designed and provide a contemporary experience that suits your need.

 Deluxe Rooms: They offer the standard benefits of Air conditioning, telephone, plasma TV, memory foam mattress, and Internet connection with free Wifi capability, rain type shower.

Executive Suites: These suites offer the standard benefits plus a Kitchenette, Living area, refrigerator, Personal concierge and a magnificent balcony view that fills you with unforgettable memories.

Presidential suites: they have the Standard and Deluxe benefits plus a spacious living area, work desk, Microwave, with an attractive decoration, an endless view and a natural unique design to satisfy your every need.

The hotel also offers the following amenities:

An Olympic size swimming pool

A well-equipped Gym/Fitness center

A beautiful Bar and a state of the art and refreshing VIP Bar/Restaurant ( offering assorted drinks and mixers like Margaritas, Bloody Mary etc) and a Buffet and a la carte menus for your convenience

Conference center/ Ball rooms and A business center

A game center with pool tables, table tennis, cheers tables

Internet connection in every room and free Wifi capability throughout the property

A full scale Beauty Salon with certified hair specialists and Barbers, A nail shop offering full Manicures and Pedicures and a massage parlor.

A telephone system that connects that connects you to all departments

Secured parking space

Shuttle buses and Rental cars

Boutiques/shops for your convenience

Constant water supply

Whether it’s Miss Bright, D’tchuks, King David, Residence Carlos, Capitol Residence, Eta Palace, Chariot, Parliamentarian Flats, St. Claire or Mountain hotel you eventually choose for your brief stay or event, be rest assured of your comfort, safety and satisfaction.

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